Potato pancakes in Krakow

Visiting places, just to eat, seems like the best traveling you can ever imagine. That’s why I’m astonished when I discover new place in city where I live. Yesterday I’ve found a place called really simply – „Pub Grodzka 6” (terrible name if you ask me – founding a restaurant it’s like a biggest joy of your life, and thinking about the name it’s like a cherry on the top). It’s located basically on the Main Market, on 6 Grodzka Street. This place is looking inconspicuous, but indigenous.

There is a lot of polish food, some foreign food as lasagna, but the main speciality are potato pancakes, served with different sauces – garlic, pepper, mushroom and goulash. The best one is garlic. Gravy is fresh, spicy and delicious.

Food is awesome, but the service is awful, at least the day shift. They don’t understand a word even in Polish. Do not try English with them.

Potato pancake with a garlic gravy

It is a new sight to visit in Krakow. I hope it will stay with us for a long time.

Potato pancake with a goulash gravy